Effects of translating God’s word

God will never instruct us or lead us in a way that is contrary to His scripture. Therefore, if we read something in the Old Testament and then something in the New Testament is contrary to it, that should raise an eyebrow for us.  For instance, as written by the author Bart D. Ehrman “…textual criticism – a technical term for the science of restoring the “original” words of a text from manuscripts that have altered them [from the original Hebrew or Greek].  …What good is it to say that the originals of the New Testament were inspired?  We don’t have the originals!  We have only error-ridden copies, and the vast majority of these are centuries removed from the originals and different from them, evidently, in thousands of ways.  …These doubts both plagued me and drove me to dig deeper and deeper…”  It does plague me as well, does it plague you?

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